[Zthes] Discussion of Extensions to ZThes Elements

Dave Clarke dclarke at synaptica.com
Thu Jun 17 21:05:44 CEST 2004

Following is a summary of the some extensions to the ZTHes DTD that my company have identified as desirable. At Mike Taylor's suggestion I am circulating these to the ZThes group for comment:

    Name of thesaurus - our users usually have multiple thesauri and authority files with inter-vocabulary mappings, so every term needs to identify the vocabulary that it belongs to.
    Active/deleted status - our users store and report on terms in logically deleted/deactivated states as well as active terms. Possible states are "Active", "Deleted", "Deactivated".
    Candidate/Approved status - often a thesaurus contains a mix of work-in-progress terms (candidates) and publishable (approved) terms. Our system supports 5 approval states but we think 2 (Candidate & Approved) would be a sufficient minimum.
    Sortkey for term - Synaptica creates a sortkey for every term where numbers are parsed to support natural numeric ascendancy in an alphabetical orderby clause and to removal certain special characters and leading articles etc. 

    Synaptica allows n user-defined notes fields to be specified for each vocabulary. 
    Name or label of notes field.
    Value of notes field for a specific term.

    Synaptica allows relationships between terms to be weighted. This is rarely used within a thesaurus, but is often used when mapping multiple thesauri together.

IN ADDITION to those listed above we also anticipate the need to break the termName element down into n user-defined sub-fields to be specified for each particular vocabulary. Synaptica already supports this for named entity and classification scheme vocabularies where, for example, one might need sub elements for First Name, Middle Names and Last Name or Classification Code and Classification Description. We would propose a similar solution to that shown above for the <termNotes> element:

    Synaptica allows n user-defined term name sub-fields to be specified for each particular vocabulary. 
    Name or label of term name sub-field.
    Value of term name sub-field for a specific term.

If the above model were adopted we would also suggest that consideration be given to supercede the <termQualifier> element with the new sub-elements since a term qualifier could easily be declared as a type of <NameLabel>.


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