[ZOOM] Most Recent ZOOM.NET Documentation?

Martin Tran tran.n.martin at gmail.com
Wed May 28 22:19:23 CEST 2008

Hi All,

Is there a most recent Zoom.NET documentation anywhere?  I'm using Zoom.NET
but having troubles going through the APIs listed in

For example, I'm trying to get back either a brief or full record by setting
resultList.Options["elementSetName"] = "F" ( where resultList is of type
IResultList) and I received empty string for records that otherwise would
have some content.

I get similar results when I do "con.Options["MaximumRecordSize"] = "x",
where con is of type Connection ;

Lastly, before sending the query to the Z39.50 endpoints, do the query
classes (CQLQuery and PrefixQuery) translate the query string in "English"
into Bib-1 Attribute Set query formats or does the client have to parse the
query that way.  For example, do I pass the following string into the
IQueryFactory class, "@attr 1=4 @attr 2=3 "XML " , or I only need to pass in
"title='XML' "?  If it's the latter case, are there keywords that Zoom.NET
recognizes, such as "title", or "ISBN", etc..?

A newer documentation would help or your expertise on this subject is
greatly appreciated.


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