[ZOOM] Has anyone used ZOOM to send an update holdings request toOCLC.

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Thu May 22 18:25:41 CEST 2008

Andrew George writes:
 > > -----Original Message-----
 > >  > Here is the structure we are sending in our request:
 > >  > 
 > >  > ES Struct: PyZ3950.asn1.ExtendedServicesRequest [
 > > 
 > > Oooohhhhh ...
 > > 
 > > So you're not using YAZ at all!  OK, you have a non-YAZ client
 > > (PyZ3950) talking to a non-YAZ server (OCLC) ... *whew*, we're in
 > > the clear :-) Seriously, one or other is at fault -- you could
 > > try using ziffy the packet sniffer to determine which.
 > Guys,
 > We are using the YAZ/ZOOM toolkit. See the method below we are
 > using to construct the message.
 > We used PyZ3950 as a dummy server to see what we were sending.

Oh, well, good -- that makes everything simpler.  If YAZ produces the
APDU and the totally independently implemented PyZ3950 consumes it,
then you're on fairly solid ground assuming that the fault lies with
the one implementation that doesn't handle it, i.e. OCLC's.  I think
your next port of call should be their support people.

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