[ZOOM] Possible new Connection properites - comments?

Robert Sanderson azaroth at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue May 18 12:46:50 CEST 2004

> Case 1: Explaining servers using ZeeRex

Apart from the connection options, what else could be set automatically?
The client could give options and raise an error if you try to set 
something which isn't supported, but that would assume that the zeerex 
record is 100% complete and accurate, which is often not the case.

My own clients/servers use ZeeRex as configuration, and I do see the 
attraction, but I don't think that it's low enough level to be Zoomy.
I wouldn't object if others think that it is Zoomy though. :)

> Case 2: Explaining servers using classic Explain
> I know not many people support Explain-classic, but we do. So what
> So I was thinking of having a boolean option which a client can set
> if they want to try doing Explain queries (default is not to try).

I think the same as above applies, but in spades... you already know the 
host/port and probably the name of your intended database.  Everything 
else is an option that can be set by some agent, rather than a setting
that needs to be made.

But again, as we support Explain too, I'm not going to raise a fuss if 
other people think it would be useful.


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