[ZOOM] Possible new Connection properites - comments?

Alan Kent ajk at mds.rmit.edu.au
Tue May 18 09:07:43 CEST 2004

Hi all,

Matthew and I are puttering along in the background working on the
Java API binding for ZOOM. I am hoping to release something for
comment/use in the not to distant future. I was going to include
some private Connection options, but thought I would raise them
to see if they have more general interest.

Case 1: Explaining servers using ZeeRex

Rather than set the host and port via options, I would like instead
to point at a ZeeRex record (using a URL I guess) and get the
connection details (and anything else I need) out of that ZeeRex
record. (I am trying to get the list of CQL index names from
it for example, allowing me to translate CQL queries to RPN for
any Z39.50 target that someone has described in a ZeeRex record
hosted on a website somewhere.)

I was thinking of having a "ZeeRex" string option that is the URL
of the ZeeRex record to go fetch.

Does this seem reasonable?

Case 2: Explaining servers using classic Explain

I know not many people support Explain-classic, but we do. So what
I would like to do is use the Explain information if available to
do the same job of ZeeRex above. However, I have found some servers
to be a bit fussy. If I send an Explain query, sometimes I get a
connection abort.

So I was thinking of having a boolean option which a client can set
if they want to try doing Explain queries (default is not to try).

Do the above seem reasonable to people? I am only proposing private
extensions at this stage (happy if people think they are suitable
for official inclusion in a later release, but not stressed). Any
words of wisdom or insight anyone else has before I get too far?

It seems a nice goal to make ZOOM friendly enough to drop a SRU or
SRW gateway on top of easily. (That's my goal anyway.)


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