Asynchronous Operations (Was: [ZOOM]

Matthew J. Dovey matthew.dovey at
Fri Feb 6 19:35:34 CET 2004


Attached is a rough attempt to map asynchronous ZOOM onto Java
interfaces/abstract classes (on org.z3950.azoom package

Essentionally a Connection class is a listener for the
searchRequestEvent which has a property query (the actual method
search(SearchRequestEvent) is abstract to be implemented by the err
implementation). A SearchRequestResponseListener (i.e. something the
A3PI toolkit user would write) can be registered to the Connection
class. Connection class fires a SearchRequestResponseEvent when there
are some results (a SearchRequestResponseEvent has a property of type

Similarly for doing scans (Connection being a listener for
scanRequestEvents and a firer of scanResponseEvents).

Also RecordSet listens for getRecordRequestEvents and fires
getRecordResponseEvents (for asynchronous presents).

A C# implementation would look very similar.


P.S. could someone confirm that this is reaching the list!

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> > > I would prefer that the Asynchronous AAPI (AAAPI?) not depend on
> > > threads, in part because they are not universally available.
> > 
> > In the model of W3C and C3PO, how about:    A3PI?
> Brilliant!  Utterly brilliant!  I am currently going through a
> six-year-old-son-induced _Star Wars_ obsession revival anyway (I've
> just bought lego kits for an X-wing and TIE fighter) so this really
> hits the spot.  I am prepared to back down on Get/Set Option methods
> in the Java binding, but on this issue, I will not be gainsaid: A3PI
> it is!
> > Err, anyway...
> You were saying?  :-)
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