Java Binding (Was: [ZOOM] Some 1.4 options questions)

Ian Ibbotson ian.ibbotson at
Fri Feb 6 08:06:57 CET 2004

ago, I gave mine to Ian, and it's my understanding that it's now a
> part of JZKit 2.0 (right, Ian?)


I had a bit of a tussle with the whole properties object vs getters and
setters in JZKit 2.0 oddly enough. The problem in 1.0 was that
experienced people like being able to set properties using set(x,y) but
people new to the toolkit (Due to the extensive docs ;)) often had a
hard time tracking all the option names and they wanted getters and
setters. In the end, I settled for breaking out the factory and
"Connection Information" component from the actual Z endpoint. So, in
JZKit 2.0 you control ZEndpoint exactly as you did before in terms of
getters and setters. However, there is now a better defined factory that
carries all the setX/getX bean methods. Old hands can carry on using the
direct set/get methods on ZEndpoint new hands use the bean methods and
then call a factory method to create the endpoint instance. This works
doubly well, since it means that I can hide properties that can't be
changed after the association is established.


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