Mike Taylor mike at seatbooker.net
Thu Oct 24 13:25:22 CEST 2002

Dear ZOOMers,

I'm delighted to announce that, with the release of Index Data's
excellent new YAZ++ toolkit, my implementation of the ZOOM C++ binding
is now out there and available.  Brief details at
-- essentially just a link to Index Data's YAZ++ page at

Perhaps more significantly, the Index Data guys persuaded me to write
some documentation for that implementation, so we now -- at last! --
have some human-readable prose describing the binding.  The
documentation is linked from the C++ binding's page at
and is itself at

In building this implementation, I found I had to make a few changes
to the binding.  I've discussed some of them with Ashley, but that
thread stalled a while back, so my plan now is to post what I'm using
as version 1.3 of the ZOOM C++ binding (the big jump in version number
is not because much has changed, but because it's now based off v1.3
of the Abstract API); and then Ashley and I can integrate his further
changes once the necessary bickering has happened :-)

(Ashley, hope you're OK with that way forward.)

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