SV: SV: [ZOOM] Multiple nonsurrogate diagnostic records?

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Yes, this is the same as done in ADO, where you have an error collection.

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> As so often, Sebastian is right on the money.  I would want to see a
> very persuasive argument for the utility of multiple NSDs before
> muddying the ZOOMish waters with support for them.  Really -- who
> wants their applications to get whole _arrays_ of exceptions thrown at
> them?  :-)

Why should MNSD generate multiple exceptions -- all you need is
the same exception that would be generated by a single NSD. All
the exception need do is inform the user that there were x
number of diagnostics delivered by the target and here is a
list/array of them. If you wanted to be really dumb about it you can
say the client API can ignore all but the first NSD. (Nobody does
anything intelligent with the diagnostics anyway (do they?))


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