[ZOOM] ZOOM 1.0-g.hh OK (sas Re: zoom.hh)

Mike Taylor mike at tecc.co.uk
Thu Nov 29 17:23:18 CET 2001

> Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 15:22:05 +0000
> From: Ashley Sanders <zzaascs at irwell.mimas.ac.uk>
> > Certainly I can see a use for a autonomous record object. What
> > happens if you need to search twice on a target that doesn't
> > support named result sets? Well, maybe the client is smart enough
> > to keep the records in caches, maybe not.
> If we are having the resultSet own the records, then it follows
> that the resultSet object _MUST_ cache the records -- else what
> can it return a reference or a pointer to?

It can, and should, simply fail.  The abstract API is clear on the
point: see http://zoom.z3950.org/api/zoom-1.1.html#3.4.4 --

	If the server has deleted the result set for which the Result
	Set object is a proxy, then the Get Record method fails,
	throwing an exception or by returning an ``undefined''
	value. In these circumstances, the Error Code method will
	return 27 (``Result set no longer exists - unilaterally
	deleted by target'')

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