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Ashley Sanders zzaascs at irwell.mimas.ac.uk
Fri Nov 23 15:06:10 CET 2001


Re: why did we change how resultSets are created.

'cos it works better that way!

> > I'm afraid getRecord still returns a pointer to const record and
> > class record still has clone. I really can't see a sensible way
> > around this -- but maybe I'm just being thick.
> We'll discuss this separately when I've caught up.

Well, I was partly being a bit thick, but the main problem is
that a reference to a record has to be returned, even when
the origin wasn't able to retrieve a record. So if we use
references we also need some sort of error record. In the tar
ball I sent you I've created something called nullRecord
for such a circumstance. I'd be happy to change the name
to something else. I know you didn't want to have an error
record type, but there is no choice if we use references. And
I think it would be a good idea even if we used pointers (as
it means you don't have to check for null pointers all the time.)


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