[ZOOM] Object Owenership (Was: Value Returned from Set Option (Was: Catching up))

Ashley Sanders zzaascs at irwell.mimas.ac.uk
Fri Nov 16 12:35:07 CET 2001

Adam wrote:

> I think Ashley wanted the reference to internal stuff in the
> result set. And I can cope with that. The bright side is that
> then I don't forget to destroy record objects returned
> from _resultset_record(s). 

Well, as I just emailed to Mike, I prefer a pointer to an record
owned by the resultSet. I didn't suggest a reference, but would
have gone along with a reference if I could have figured a sensible
way of implementing resultSet such that getRecord returns a reference.
Maybe I'm just being blind and/or thick with this, but I can't
come up with, to my mind, a sensible implementation of resultSet
such that getRecord can return a reference to a record.
Please enlighten me if I am being blind/stupid here.



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