[ZOOM] Re: Scope of ZOOM (was Hello etc)

Mike Taylor mike at tecc.co.uk
Wed Nov 7 17:02:03 CET 2001

> Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 16:10:19 +0100
> From: Sebastian Hammer <quinn at indexdata.dk>
> I absolutely disagree that ZOOM should hide the complexities of
> multiple-database searches to the point of integrating result
> sets. That *is* an incredibly difficult task, which would raise the
> bar tremendously for ZOOM, and, indeed, bring it much closer to the
> application layer.  Unless Mike kan get us some EU research money to
> do the job!

OK, I appreciate that this was written in jest, but it does make the
think.  We've come far enough with ZOOM that it's clearly a project of
substance rather than a mere whimsical imagining.  So given the
current level of maturity, _does_ anyone have any idea whether it
might be possible to get funding from _somewhere_ to continue this
effort?  It would be very nice ...

> [ZOOM] shouldn't try to seamlessly hide multi-target searching,
> because that is a job for smarter folks -- specifically folks closer
> to the application and the data being exchanged.

Interesting.  If we end up agreeing with you here (which we might)
then that militates against trying for something like Ian's
BadgeringGreatAggregationOfLotsOfDifferentConnection type.  Not sure
yet how I feel about that.

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