[ZOOM] Re: Scope of ZOOM (was Hello etc)

Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.dk
Wed Nov 7 15:37:33 CET 2001

At 01:30 PM 11/7/2001 +0000, Robert Sanderson wrote:

>Okies. So long as it's considered, that's all I can ask.  It's not that
>big a deal I agree, but it does make for more interesting diagnostics if
>multiDB and multiserver searches are to use a single interface (which they
>should!)  Look forwards to -how- this is to be represented in the AAPI :)

FWIW, I disagree. There's a big difference between multidb and multitarget 
searching.. For one thing, the former is still a happily synchronous 
operation (*). You're just throwing more parameters at the server.. and 
yes, the diagnostics get weirder, but they're still just diagnostics, and 
the user who sends multiple databasenames does so at her own peril. I don't 
think we need to worry about that. Most importantly, multidb searching 
yields one merged (result set), whereas multitarget searching should 
produce multiple result sets at the API level.


(*) Unless you've negotiated asynchronous operations and resource-control 
with the server, and it returns partial, per-database results in the 
SearchResult-1 UserInfo structure (Appendix 9)... but we only ever made one 
of those servers (actually, one of Ian's pals did), and I'll happily 
concede that this is out of scope of ZOOM.   :-D

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