[ZOOM] Re: Scope of ZOOM (was Hello etc)

Robert Sanderson azaroth at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Nov 7 13:41:30 CET 2001

> > I think that the resultset should maintain the database, and the
> > record maintain the resultset.
> By "maintain" you mean "keep a pointer to", right?


> In Z39.50, _records_ have associated with them the name of the
> database from which they came.  See the ASN.1 definition of the
> > So record->resultset->database.
> Nope -- a single result set may contain records from a variety of
> database.

Yup. See comments included below for my take.

> > [...] what use is just the name of the database and not all the
> > other information on the resultset and connection objects?
> That's not really for us to decide.  If we go saying, "we're not going
> to let the users get at this bit of information that Z39.50 provides,
> because we don't think it's very interesting", then that's a slippery
> slope.

If we're going to expose -everything- that Z39.50 allows, then I don't see 
what ZOOM does to dispel the idea that the protocol isn't a pain to use.  
It -is- a pain. The terminology used to describe it sucks. It's hugely 
complex, but most of this complexity does add to the functionality.

If everything is going into the Abstract API, then the documentation will 
be just as cumbersome as the NISO standard document and once again we're 
at the point where it's not used in favour of proprietary systems.

I have the feeling that you're missing the same point that the SRW (ex 
ZNG) crowd are - by the time you've added everything that 'Z Classic' does 
back into the new ZiNG umbrella, it's going to be just as complex and 
just as unmanageable and it's easier for people to write their own code 
(on top of some libraries obviously) than to learn how someone else has 
done it.  

There is chaff, it needs to be cut loose.  It -IS- up to us to decide what 
is chaff and what isn't -with respect to ZOOM-. Hence my naive but simple 


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