[ZOOM] hello and first impressions of the C++ bindings

Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.dk
Mon Nov 5 13:34:37 CET 2001

At 12:28 PM 11/5/2001 +0000, Robert Sanderson wrote:

> > - personaly i think the ZOOM api shut returns records as octetsreams, and
> >   let the client application decode the record. optionaly supply a support
> >   lib for GRS-1.
>There is a get raw record function.
>I recall a conversation on the ZIG bus about what is returned for GRS1
>in this, but not the outcome. I -think- it was an implementation specific
>rendition of the GRS1. (I hope so at least, because that's why my
>implementation will need to return to TCL)

I think at least later on the list, we agreed that for the ASN.1-defined 
structured records (with the exception of SUTRS), it didn't make much sense 
to return the BER-buffer... mostly because you would need ASN.1/BER tools 
to do anything with them (and ZOOM is partly intended to hide that from the 
user), but also because some of the lower-level toolkits didn't seem 
capable of coughing up the BER representation of a part of a PDU.

 > - Howto is one access multible database on the same target. i am missing
> >   a list of databases as part of the search class.
>I think that's beyond scope, in the same way that multiple targets is.

That doesn't make sense to me. The fact that the database is a list is a 
basic part of the protocol... why would that be out of scope? We also need 
a "database" value associated with each record object.


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