[ZOOM] 1st ZOOM Meeting

Robert Sanderson azaroth at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Nov 1 15:05:11 CET 2001

> > It also gives us reticent slackers an incentive to finish our own
> > bindings.
> Aha!  This comment carries the connotation that you've actually
> _started_ the Tcl binding.  C'est ca?

Yes, though not a lot (today is my first day part time working, full time
finishing my PhD - and most of it will probably be spent migrating
everything to my new development machine)

> > Perhaps two half days plus an evening at a pub? :) eg arrive morning
> > of the 4th, meeting afternoon, dinner and pub in the evening,
> > meeting on the morning of the 5th, head home in the afternoon
> I'd like to hear from other people, but for me, if we're only going to
> have one working day's worth of meetings, I'd rather do it all on one
> day -- less time off my Day Job that way.

Whereas for me, and I expect anyone else who's not already in London, that
getting to a morning meeting means arriving the previous day anyway and
spending the night doing nothing which could be spent more productively
at a pub ;)

If the dinner/pub after the meeting is a winner, then it means two
nights in London minimum.

My 2 New Zealand cents.


BTW - can the mailing list be configured that reply-to be sent as the
list, not the original sender?
BTW2 - Is there an archive? Is it Z searchable?
       EG: http://gondolin.hist.liv.ac.uk/~cheshire/cheshire-l/
       If not, do you want the code I use to do this, or I could subscribe
       a fake user to it to do the archiving?

If the machine doesn't respond, then I'm in the process of migration.

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