[ZOOM] 1st ZOOM Meeting

Mike Taylor mike at tecc.co.uk
Thu Nov 1 12:48:46 CET 2001

Dear ZOOMers,

We're trying to arrange a first meeting of the ZOOM initiative's prime
movers, largely because it's turned out that there are more, and more
complex, issues in the C++ and C bindings than we'd envisaged, and we
think it would be helpful to bash through some of the face to face.
Also because it will be useful to talk strategy, position vis-a-vis
the wider ZING movement, etc.

We have one suggested time/place on the table already.  Ashley writes:

	As for a face to face meeting -- I mentioned to Rob that I
	would be in London from 3rd to 6th December.  But of those
	days the 4th and 5th would be much more convenient.  We
	(MIMAS) have a stand at the On-line exhibition at Olympia and
	I'm sure I could skive off for a few hours for a ZOOM meeting.
	Or if evenings are better, then I could make any evening from
	3rd - 5th December.  Copenhagen would be very nice, but
	there's no chance of me getting there.

So we could plan to meet on either the 4th or 5th in London.  (Is one
day enough?  I think probably yes, but if someone disagrees, they may
well be right.)  If we decide to go with this, I'll look into finding
a suitable venue -- maybe ask SSL to host us, since they have the
facilities for small meetings, including video projector etc.

So I'm looking for input on the following issues:

(1) Is one day enough or do we need two (or more?!)
(2) Are Tuesday 4th/Wednesday 5th December good dates?
(3) Of the two, which is better?
(4) If we went for one or both of these days, who would be able and
	willing to attend?
(5) Is this just the wrong time/place?  Should we be looking at a
	completely different date and/or venue?  Copenhagen?

I'm sure I don't need to say that since there's no formal ZOOM body
yet, far less an income stream, no-one's going to be in a position to
help with travel or accomodation fees.  Although I can offer an
uncomfortable bed to one person, and floor space to any number of
others, if that's any help!

Feel free to reply to the list -- I think there's few enough of us
that we don't need to route all the discussion through a single

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