[Zebralist] Zebra Authority searches

Dhd Koha (grharry) dhd.koha at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 20:40:45 UTC 2014


I am unable to get any "exact" hits when I query my authorities zebra 

My query is of the form

@and @attr 1=authtype NP  @attr 1=Heading @attr 4=1 @attr 6=3 "Beauvoir 
Simone de (1908-1986)"

and I get "authority not found"

My Authorities marc records have Separate First name and last and look 
like this
001  1
106    $a 0
200  1 $a Beauvoir $b Simone de $f (1908-1986)
001  2
106    $a 2
200  1 $a Beauvoir $b Simone de $f (1908-1986) $x Interviews

Yes I am on UNIMARC and dom  and have enabled icu indexing, and yes 
dates have the parentheses inside the marks

I noticed changing the @attr 6=1 gives me 2 hits for record "1 and 2", 
However this not what I want!

My question is

Is the query above correct ??

Is it Possible to get an the exact hit ???

Thanks in advance!

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