[Zebralist] Problem with record identification

Nicolas Tsokas tsokas at ekt.gr
Wed Jun 24 10:08:45 CEST 2009

Hi all,


I am encountering the following problem: 


Using Extended Services, when I want to delete a record, I have to provide
the whole record (!!!) to the server. This sounded a little absurd, but I
figured out that it is actually needed in order for the stored record to be


So, I tried to identify the record through the recordIdNumber option (in
extended services), which I thought corresponds to the Zebra record system
ID ("zebra::meta::sysno") and also to the "recordId: (Bib1, Doc-Id)" line of
my zebra.cfg file. (am I missing something here.???) . but to no avail.


I guess I am doing something wrong because all "meta::sysno" numbers I get
when I retrieve records through SRU are different than the records' Doc-Id
(I have assigned Doc-Id to the record's 001 controlfield in the indexing
XSLT - I am working with MARC records).


By the way, does Zebra really resolve the bib1 attribute referred to in
zebra "recordId" line to the actual record field by using the indexing
XSLT?... Or am I missing something important.??


I would really appreciate any feedback.


Thank you.


Nicolas Tsokas

Systems Engineer

National Documentation Center

Athens, Greece


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