[Zebralist] DOM filter indexing xsl for marc records?

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Tue Oct 28 08:38:35 CET 2008

Alex Dean wrote:
> I'm trying to learn the ins & outs of the DOM XML filter module.  In 
> /usr/local/share/idzebra-2.0-examples/oai-pmh, I have found an example 
> configuration for using this module to index oai records.
> Are there any equivalent examples for using the DOM XML module to 
> index marc (not marcxml) records?  The docs make this sound like it's 
> possible using an input pipeline of '<marc inputcharset="marc-8"/>'.
> Are there example indexing stylesheets and other needed config files 
> out there to make this possible?  I have been able to figure out how 
> to tweak zebra confs as needed, but writing the XSL from scratch is a 
> bit more than I think I'm capable of at the moment.
There is only one example of MARC indexing in Zebra, namely in 
test/xslt.. This test, C program dom1.c, indexes marc-col.mrc using 
config dom-config-marc.xml... Something equivalent to:

cd test/xslt
../../index/zebraidx -t dom.dom-config-marc.xml update marc-col.mrc

/ Adam
> much thanks,
> alex dean
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