[Zebralist] date comparison syntax in pqf?

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Thu May 29 13:27:39 CEST 2008

Walter McGinnis writes:
 > Hi,
 > I'm putting together a bridge between the OAI Ruby Gem's repository  
 > functionality and a ZOOM interface to OAI DC records.
 > Things are going quite well generally.  I know how to sort my results  
 > by an index on oai_datestamp (e.g. get latest or earliest record), but  
 > I'm getting caught in some datetime comparisons.  It seems like @attr  
 > 2=x is the key, but experiencing a couple things that leave me  
 > scratching my head.
 > If I only have 0,d,s indexes on oai_timestamp index and I try a query  
 > like " f @attr 2=1 @attr 1=1012 2008-05-29" I get this:
 > Diagnostic message(s) from database:
 >      [114] Unsupported Use attribute -- v2 addinfo '1012'
 > If I add a w index and rebuild my indexes, I can do " f @attr 2=1  
 > @attr 1=1012 2008-05-29" and get results that I expect.  Seems a  
 > little weird that I have to add an word index for this to work.   
 > Alternatives?

This part I can't really help you with -- I'll leave it for Adam.

 > Things break again if I add time to the query like so:
 >   Z> f @attr 2=5 @attr 1=1012 '2008-05-29 11:31:49'
 > f @attr 2=5 @attr 1=1012 '2008-05-29 11:31:49'
 >                                                  ^
 > Prefix query error: extra token (code 1)
 > If I escape the colons, I still get the same error.

Here I think your problem is simply that you need to use
double-quotes, not single, to enclose a multi-word token for the PQF
parser.  So:
	Z> f @attr 2=5 @attr 1=1012 "2008-05-29 11:31:49"

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