[Zebralist] search not returning hits

Claire Lumber claire.lumber at bristol.ac.uk
Tue May 13 18:27:57 CEST 2008


I'm very new to zebra/z39.50 and I've been passed a problem which 
strikes me as being something to do with configuration somewhere! Please 
bare with me if this is something I should know but the documentation 
has been making me dizzy! :)

Our zebra server was installed by a previous employee, straight out of 
the box with minimal configuration and most of the default values left 
(according to his documentation) and everything has been working fine 
but recently it was noticed that when searching our zebra based 
ejournals database using the term  "journal" it wasn't bringing back any 
hits (unfortunately the catalogers can't say whether this is a new 
problem or just one they've never noticed before). This happens when 
using the YAZ client as well as the Z39.50 interface with metalib.

On searching the oracle ejournals database directly I get back 3608 
records with the word Journal somewhere in the title, but when searching 
using the same query in YAZ I get back 0. In a similar vain, if I search 
the actual database using the term 'of' I get 3935 records, but again in 
YAZ nothing. Using search terms that have less hits seem to work fine 
and those 2 terms are the most prevalent in the database. The rest seem 
to occur less than 1000 times each.

Is there a setting somewhere that says "if there are more hits than 
<number> return 0". A maximum hit limit or some such thing, and if so 
where is it and can I change it?

Hope this make some sort of sense and any help very gratefully received, 
as we can't really have access to an ejournal database and then tell 
people they can't search using the term journal! :)

kind regards,

Claire Lumber
Systems Analyst/Developer
University of Bristol
Email: claire.lumber at bristol.ac.uk
Tel: (0117) 928 8073 (internal: 88073)

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