[Zebralist] Exact search

Zachar Zsolt norel at oszk.hu
Fri May 9 12:42:49 CEST 2008


We use zebra with alvis filter, to index marcxml files. We search the 
indexed files by SRU. It works just fine, except the "exact" search 
(@attr 6=3).
We tried the searching keyword "exact": dc.title exact "arany jános"
This gives back no results.
Our question is, what is the z3950 query matching this statement? What 
does "dc.title exact" mean "in" z3950? :)
We tried other methods, like dc.title = ^arany jános^, but this gives 
back "Anchoring character in unsupported position".

Thanks in advance,

Zsolt Zachar

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