[Zebralist] UTF-8 search issue in Zebra 2.0.26

Ata ur Rehman ata.rehman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 07:56:25 CET 2008

Dear All

I have installed Zebra 2.0.26 on Windows. I added:
encoding UTF-8 in my usmarc.abs file and
encoding: UTF-8 C:\Program Files\Zebra\test\usmarc\zebra.cfg file.  Now i
added some Arabic records in C:\Program Files\Zebra\test\usmarc\records
folder and run zebraidx.  Indexing is alright.  Then i started zebra at 210
port as zebrasrv @:210

This process is also fine.  Then  i used MarcEdit z39.50 client to search
these results.  I can only search English records.  If arabic is in those
records that is showing correctly but i can not search arabic terms from my

What should i do?

Note: I am running Zebra as windows service in XP

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