[Zebralist] [ANN] Katipo Communications in Wellington, New Zealand, Hiring Junior Zebra and Rails Developer

Walter McGinnis walter at katipo.co.nz
Sun Feb 17 22:40:18 CET 2008

Hello everyone,

We're looking for a programmer to join our Kete team working with Ruby  
on Rails and Zebra. The Kete project is really taking off, so we'd  
like to expand the team by adding a person who is a quick study, wants  
to work from home, and is in Wellington (Or wants to be).

The Kete application uses the acts_as_zoom Rails plugin, developed for  
Kete by Katipo, to talk to public and private Zebra databases in order  
to deliver it's searches.

We'd like you to have
	• Ruby On Rails experience
	• Work from home experience
	• Perl Skills
	• Writing skills
	• A good IRC manner
	• Self motivation
	• No fear of the command line interface in Unix
	* Z39.50, Zebra, ZOOM, and YAZ experience would be a big bonus
	• Te Reo would be fantastic

Katipo specialises in offering services based on Open Source Software.  
You will be contributing code to the Kete application and providing  
custom solutions for our clients. You will also be interacting with  
the Kete community by sharing your knowledge on the Katipo blog and  
the Kete.net.nz site.
As a Katipo employee, you'll mostly be working from home. However, you  
will receive inperson training and mentoring. Team members keep in  
touch via IRC, email, as well as regular inperson meetings.

For contact details, etc.  Please see the full announcement here:


Walter McGinnis
Kete Project Lead

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