[Zebralist] MARC Leader mapping?

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Tue Dec 30 15:37:11 CET 2008

Anthony Burkitt wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got a small Zebra database (GRS records), which is setup with 
> mapping to simple MARC records.  However, all records presented as MARC 
> by Zebra have fixed values in the MARC leader - and I need to be able to 
>   map (or set) at least the bibliographic level (leader position 7).
> I have read the available documentation on mapping, and could find 
> nothing about the leader (please tell me if I've missed it!).  I have 
> tried what I could think of, but to no avail.  Even mapping to tag "000" 
> just caused zebra to add an extra "000" tag into the presented record, 
> leaving the leader unchanged.
Currently Zebra puts 4 blanks in offset 6..9 -- counting from zero. 
There are several undocumented directives in Zebra's .mar-config system. 
But none involves these 4 characters.

Attached is a patch that allows it to be specified in usmarc.mar - to a 
constant value at least. You should be able to apply this on a fairly 
recent Zebra 2.

We mostly focus on the DOM filter these days.. It allows anything to be 
set and based on arbitrary XML input (or other MARC).

/ Adam
> Is it possible to map to (or other wise change) characters in the MARC 
> leader when mapping to MARC on present in Zebra?
> Is there any way of defaulting character positions in the MARC leader 
> when mapping to MARC on present?
> Any suggestions gratefully received...
> Thanks,
> Anthony

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