[Zebralist] RHEL 64 bit - noob question...

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Mon Dec 8 13:49:20 CET 2008

One size fits all!  Use the source that you download from
indexdata.com.  Unpack the tarball, run "./configure" and READ THE
OUTPUT -- it will tell you if you are missing any important
prerequisites, which you need to install first.  Once you've fixed any
missing dependencies, rerun ./configure, then make, then (as root)
make install.  Good luck!

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Petrus B. van Bork writes:
 > Dear Colleagues & Adam:
 > Thank you Adam for answering my 64 bit RHEL question.  Our servers are 
 > running Xeon's under 64 bit RHEL 5.2.  You state that compiling the 
 > source will do it.  OK, sounds great!  Now for the ignorant beginner 
 > question:
 > Do I just download the source from the 'source' link on the Zebra home 
 > page or do I have to download a special version of the source to compile 
 > on my machine?
 > Best,
 > Petrus
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