[Zebralist] Indexing EAD records

Elizabeth J. Forney ejforney at iastate.edu
Fri Oct 19 14:50:09 CEST 2007

Dan -
No, you do not need the mod_alvis module if you are indexing using the DOM
indexing model.  But like the mod_dom, it also depends on libxslt.  When I did
my initial configure, before the make and make install, those two modules did
not build initially since I did not have the correct libxslt.  When I got the
libxslt-devel version, both modules built.  The configure creates a makefile to
build all mod_*, unless you specifically set the build switch like you did with

Since the module did build, I am thinking you might have a path problem in your
zebra.cfg file.   Make sure the modulePath directive is pointing to the
directory where the mod-dom.so file is located, in my build it is in the
directory /usr/local/lib/idzebra-2.0/modules/.  modulePath is where all of the
mod_* files are located and loaded by both zebraidx and zebrasrv.

Hope this helps!  

Liz Forney
> Hi Elizabeth. We have the devel packages installed. The problem was  
> not with the modules building, but with the loading of the modules by  
> the indexer.
> is mod_alvis required? I only added the --enable-mod-dom option to  
> configure.
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