[Zebralist] mod-dom.so missing? in 2.0.18 download

Elizabeth J. Forney ejforney at iastate.edu
Wed Oct 10 21:43:03 CEST 2007

Hi Adam -
After the last email I got from you - I did go through the configure logs and
make files, and did find that the modules for  grs-xml., dom and alvis were
indeed disabled at the configure stage, and thus did not make.  I have libxml2
installed on my Red Hat 5, which is currently available in the Red Hat network
repository for version 5.  Apparently libxml is not, and must have been removed
from the repository since I did my original install under 2.0.12 or I had
installed some other package that had libxml included.  I am now searching for a
Linux repository that will give me a package that will give me libxml - and
hopefully that will get me a successful configure/make/make install.  I will let
you know if I have any further problem with this - but hopefully it will build
with libxml.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction - and I will let you know if I
have any further problems with the configure/make/make install.

Liz Forney
> Please provide the output of configure and the config.log.
> ../configure >configure.log 2>&1
> Send configure.log and config.log. When you compile from source, Zebra 
> should inform what gets compiled and what doesn't (due to missing or 
> unsupport developement libs).
> / Adam

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