[Zebralist] stylesheet support

Eric Lease Morgan emorgan at nd.edu
Mon Nov 19 21:28:40 CET 2007

I played with Zebra's SRU server this weekend, and I want to know  
about stylesheet support.

I began by downloading 700,000 MARC records from the Library of  
Congress. I then fed them to Zebra, and it indexed them in about 10  
minutes. Nice. I then provided access to the index via Zebra's built- 
in SRU server. Try:


This simple client is just a form whose action attribute points to  
the SRU server. Unfortunately, I can not seem to exploit the SRU  
stylesheet parameter. While I can send the server the parameter, my  
client does not read/use the stylesheet because it does not emanate  
from my SRU server.

Does the Zebra SRU server support stylesheets? Additionally, is there  
a way to get the Zebra SRU server to echo the search request?

It doesn't really matter since I'm also in the process of writing an  
SRU gateway/client:



Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame

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