[Zebralist] Deleteing a record by custom ID

Hans Erik Büscher heb at reindex.dk
Thu Nov 15 17:05:57 CET 2007

For good reasons I think you will need to enter a  password file in 
zebra.cfg (param passwd:)

passwd: zebrapass
perm.cat: w
perm.search: r

storekeys: 1
storedata: 1
recordId: (bib1,Control-number-local)


zebrapass format is:
cat:psw for ES
search:psw for search


And use the login param in yaz_connect(address,array("user" => 
"cat/search","password" => "psw")) if you use php_yaz. It does not really 
matter which field you use as ID as long as it is fairly unique and it is 
mandatory for each record


> Hello list,
> I have records indexed into zebra (using zebraidx) with the following 
> config
> entries:
> recordId: (bib1,Doc-id)
> storeKeys: 1
> Is it possible to delete a record using my own id (Doc-id) with a yaz 
> client
> (extended services)?
> It looks like I can do a ES update request with recordDelete action, and I
> wonder if the 'recordIdOpaque' param is the same ID as the recordId
> specified in the config.
> I have been trying, but thus far no success, so I wondered if I was on the
> right track. I am using php_yaz to do the querying.
> Greetings,
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