[Zebralist] Deleteing a record by custom ID

Merijn van den Kroonenberg merijn at web2all.nl
Thu Nov 15 15:40:11 CET 2007

Hello list,

I have records indexed into zebra (using zebraidx) with the following config 

recordId: (bib1,Doc-id)
storeKeys: 1

Is it possible to delete a record using my own id (Doc-id) with a yaz client 
(extended services)?
It looks like I can do a ES update request with recordDelete action, and I 
wonder if the 'recordIdOpaque' param is the same ID as the recordId 
specified in the config.

I have been trying, but thus far no success, so I wondered if I was on the 
right track. I am using php_yaz to do the querying.

Merijn van den Kroonenberg

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