[Zebralist] extending the alvis oai_dc example to support dcterms namespace

Walter McGinnis walter at katipo.co.nz
Tue Jan 30 12:29:09 CET 2007

Hello again,

Now that I've have the fundamentals of my Ruby on Rails/ZOOM/Zebra  
app performing well, I'm looking to add some finishing touches.  My  
client would like to be able to add fields for things like  
"dcterms:spatial" and "dcterms:temporal" to the oai xml records we  
pump into Zebra (and out).

Of course, when I add these fields to the xml record, zebra refuses  
it since it hasn't been configured to understand elements in the  
dcterms namespace.  I imagine the xslt stuff should make this fairly  
simple to add.  Simple enough that someone might have done it  
before?  Anyone have the working xslt necessary that they would be  
willing to share?


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