[Zebralist] order and special characters.

marc marc at indexdata.dk
Mon Jan 29 10:22:01 CET 2007

Henri-Damien LAURENT wrote:
> Hi <http://pastebin.ca/327842>
> I am playing with zebra and try to find how to order answers.
> Here comes a log :
> Heading is 250$a
> and it seems that 32-01 is set before 32 himself before 32-01.
> This is quite a funny way to order things.
> My guess is that - is a special character (it is used in ccl and when I
> try to search something with -, this character is put aside when doing
> the search in zebra)

Hi Henri-Damien

The ordering of characters/words in Zebra is fully configurable, so I am 
sure you can obtain the results you want. But first some fast answers:

> So my questions :
> - How can I have a correct alphabetical order ?

What _is_ the correct alphabetical order ??  This depends very much on 
language in use, local variants, if-or-if not you want special 
characters included or not, etc ...

> - Where can I find a full list of special characters ?
> - How can special characters be escaped ans searched ?

There are no special characters in Zebra, but there are default config 
files which drop certain common 'special' characters on the floor when 

Have a look at http://www.indexdata.com/zebra/doc/fields-and-charsets.tkl
or your local
file to see which charmaps you have defined in your installation.

And especially
or your local
files to see what characters are mapped to nothing
('space' directive), or are ordered in which order you want
('lowercase' and 'uppercase' directive).

You are free to make copies of these standard files, hack them according 
to your needs, and include the new charmaps i your default.idx config file.

Hope that helps,

Marc Cromme, Index Data


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