[Zebralist] Zebra2 marcxml and element sets

Giannis Kosmas kosmas at lib.uoc.gr
Thu Jan 25 15:53:33 CET 2007

Hi Sebastian,

Well, I had already set elem 'B' to map to everything cause many clients 
still use this.

Anyway, I was playing a little bit with it and found out that the 
following entry in .est

simpleelement (3,controlfield)

has as effect to present a record with the first control field of the 
original (usually '001') which is useful when you just need a set with 
matching record numbers! ;-)


Sebastian Hammer wrote:
> Giannis Kosmas wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I have set up a database with MARC records based on the prototype 
>> located in example/marc21 directory of zebra-2.0 distribution. 
>> Everything works fine apart from the presentation of records when I 
>> request Brief 'B' element set, only the record leader is returned. It 
>> seems that .est files are not suitable for grs.marcxml.marc21 record 
>> type. Any hint about the proper configuration?
> Giannis,
> That's a good point.. the element selection mechanism in the .est. 
> files doesn't work with MARCXML -- which is how records are 
> represented internally when you use the marcxml record type. The 
> shortcoming is that the 'est' format doesn't support xpath-style 
> predicates on attribute values.
> In our applications, we find that MARC records are typically small 
> enough that there is no benefit to limiting the size of retrieval 
> records even in an 'overview' display mode... in other words, our 
> solution would be simply to map the 'B' element set to everything (@), 
> same as for the 'F' element set.
> --Sebastian
>> Thanks,
>> Giannis

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