[Zebralist] Zebra2 marcxml and element sets

Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.com
Thu Jan 25 14:35:22 CET 2007

Giannis Kosmas wrote:

> Hi!
> I have set up a database with MARC records based on the prototype 
> located in example/marc21 directory of zebra-2.0 distribution. 
> Everything works fine apart from the presentation of records when I 
> request Brief 'B' element set, only the record leader is returned. It 
> seems that .est files are not suitable for grs.marcxml.marc21 record 
> type. Any hint about the proper configuration?


That's a good point.. the element selection mechanism in the .est. files 
doesn't work with MARCXML -- which is how records are represented 
internally when you use the marcxml record type. The shortcoming is that 
the 'est' format doesn't support xpath-style predicates on attribute values.

In our applications, we find that MARC records are typically small 
enough that there is no benefit to limiting the size of retrieval 
records even in an 'overview' display mode... in other words, our 
solution would be simply to map the 'B' element set to everything (@), 
same as for the 'F' element set.


> Thanks,
> Giannis

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