[Zebralist] RE:Deleting records in Zebra

Tümer Garip tgarip at neu.edu.tr
Wed Jan 17 15:30:50 CET 2007

Hi list,
I just want to add a few more comments to this subject from KOHA
All the comments below are for Zebra 2.0.8 as it resolved some of the

1-For KOHA using of RecordID:(bib1,Local-number) is a necessity as we
have to do bulk updates outside ZOOM with zebraidx. I personally use an
alvis filter and the same is configured in that.

2-You can additionally use RecordIDOpaque during ZOOM updates as long as
Local-number is your biblionumber and RecordIDOpaque=>biblionumber. The
only reason you may want to utilise this is if when deleting you do not
have your origional record (already deleted!) to provide to ZEBRA. I
have tested both situations and deletions work. Either give the full
record to ZEBRA or no record just the biblionumber it will delete.(Fixed
in 2.0.8). So for the sake of simplicity always provide RecordIdOpaque
to ZEBRA in ZOOM. Whether your record is missing or broken or
pre-deleted it will always work.

3-I do not think that comment about not to mix both methods is correct.
As long as  your (bib1,Local-number)=RecordIdOpaque=biblionumber (in the
example of KOHA) it will always work because zebra always produces the
same internal systemnumber to a given ID number whichever method it
receives it from.

Hope it helps
NEU Library

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