[Zebralist] problem deleting record with zoom

Paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Wed Jan 17 12:45:43 CET 2007

Paul POULAIN a écrit :
> To summarize :
> * we insert/update records without recordIdOpaque, but with recordID 
> setting
> * we try to delete records with recordIdOpaque
> we can't do this : we must either use 1 or the other, not both at the 
> same time.

OK, I changed my script to delete records without recordIdOpaque, and 
thanks, it works.

A last question/suggestion : the doc could explain this behaviour a 
little bit more, as I really could not imagine I had to choose between 1 
of the 3 possibilities & only this.
For me, the :
>  The actions recordReplace or recordDelete need specification of the additional recordIdNumber parameter,
 > which must be an existing Zebra internal system ID number, or the 
optional recordIdOpaque string parameter.

mean I MUST send something, even if I use internal record ID.

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