[Zebralist] Deleting Records via Extended Services

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Wed Jan 10 13:26:40 CET 2007

Joe Bacom writes:
 > Does anybody know why it's necessary to send the record that I want
 > to delete when deleting a record via extended services?  I've tried
 > several different combinations and unless the record ID (sysno) and
 > the xml record is provided the delete operation fails.

Hi, Joe.  That's a known (but only recently discovered) bug in Zebra's
extended services handler.  It'll be fixed RSN.  For now, just send a
dummy record -- for example, here's what I do when invoking Zebra
record deletion from ZOOM-Perl:

    my $p = $conn->package();
    $p->option(action => "recordDelete");
    $p->option(recordIdOpaque => $id);
    $p->option(record => "<dummy/>"); # Work around Zebra bug

Sorry about that.  Hope this helps.

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