[Zebralist] Possible unhandled exception

Joe Bacom joe at docsimple.com
Thu Dec 13 21:36:15 CET 2007

Hi Folks;

I think I may have found a bug in either yaz or zebra.  Here's the scenario;

I use yaz-client to connect to two databases (i.e. "localhost:52300/db1 db2")

I issue a query that contains attributes for only one of the databases (db1):
 f @and @attr 1=type user @attr 1=name bacomj

db2 does not have attribute "type" or attribute "user".  When I hit enter, I 
get 'Sent searchRequest.' and then zebra consumes all available RAM 
(including swap space) until I get the process killed.  This is repeatable 
everytime I try it including using different attributes of db1, attributes 
from db1 and db2 and rebuilding and reindexing the database.

When I search using attributes that are defined in both databases everything 
works as expected.  There's probably some documentation somewhere that I 
haven't read yet that tells me I'm not supposed to such things, but it'd be 
nice if the software would catch this as a bad query and tell me it's not 
allowed or go read the manual again, or you can only run this query if stand 
on your head in a corner :-)

BTW: I'm using zebra 2.0.6 with yaz 2.1.44.  If this is fixed in a newer 
version, please let me know.


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