[Zebralist] Correct Syntax for connecting to multiple "logical"databases

Merijn van den Kroonenberg merijn at web2all.nl
Fri Dec 7 14:58:50 CET 2007

On Thursday 29 November 2007 17:11, Joe Bacom wrote:
> Hi Folks;
> I've defined multiple databases in my zebra.cfg, created them, added some
> files to them with zebraidx and now I'm trying to connect to both with
> yaz-client.  Here's the syntax I'm using:

I am new to zebra too. Are you sure its possible to connect to multiple 
databases at the same time? I have not read anything about this. You can 
switch your current database on a active connection with the "base" command. 
So you can do one query on one database and the following query on another 

> yaz-client -u username/password localhost:52300/db1+db2

I think the yaz client tries to connect to the database "db1+db2". This 
database does not exist (and you have no access rights to it), so thats 
probably why you get the error below.

Are you sure you need to split your data over multiple databases? I am not 
sure if it would be a big improvement. I would say, do a test with a simple 
setup first. Then do some benchmarking to see if its actually usefull to 
split over multiple databases. (this in response to your second mail)

> and I get the resulting message:
> Authentication set to Open (username/password)
> Connecting...OK.
> Sent initrequest.
> Connection accepted by v3 target.
> ID     : 81
> Name   : Zebra Information Server/GFS/YAZ
> Version: Zebra 2.0.6/1.108/2.1.44
> Options: search present delSet triggerResourceCtrl scan sort
> extendedServices namedResultSets
> Elapsed: 0.002881
> All looks fine (I think) but when I run a query
> f @and @attr 1=type user @attr 1=name joe
> Sent searchRequest.
> Received SearchResponse.
> Search was a bloomin' failure.
> Number of hits: 0, setno 1
> records returned: 0
> Diagnostic message(s) from database:
>     [236] Access to specified database denied -- v2 addinfo ''
> Elapsed: 0.000546
> I've checked the username and password and their correct so it seems I 
> must
> have the connection syntax incorrect.
> Thanks;
> Joe

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