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marc marc at indexdata.dk
Mon Oct 23 10:12:45 CEST 2006

Frank Proessdorf wrote:
> Thanks for pointing that out. I tried the two methods explained in 
> http://lists.indexdata.dk/pipermail/zebralist/2006-October/001210.html, 
> but both resulted in
> Search Default ERROR 114 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @attr 
> 1.2.840.10003.3.1000.1000.1 1=2 term

> Search Default ERROR 114 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @attr "1=title" term

You have the following in your

attset /directory/to/test.att

xpath enable
systag sysno none
xelm /record/page/recipe/title                  title:w
xelm /record/page/recipe/ingredients            ingredients:w

But judging from your XPATH in the xelm directtive, the root element 
name of your XML input files is <record>, not <Test>.

See the analogue example on  <Zthes> root element names.

You correct this by moving your config file to 'record.abs'. And you 
might want also to remove the 'attset /directory/to/test.att' line, if 
you just want to search the created indexes directly by string name.

Then re-index, and a query like

@attr "1=title" term

should give some answers.

See also section 'Zebra's special access point of type 'string'' 

If not, please post the output/log of the indexing command here for 
further trouble shooting.

The fuss with attribute sets had changed in Zebra 2.0, and they are only 
needed when one wants to use numeric use attributes (i.e @attr 1=4 therm 
for Bib-1 title searches, etc ..). Best make your searches work using 
zebra internal string index names working first, and add numeric 
attribute set searching later, when you need it.

Your's Marc Cromme, Index Data

> What I did was, copy the .abs file to the OID filename, change the 
> reference in the .att file to match this OID and put this OID into my 
> search query.
> With the other method.. how can one not need a attribut set? How is one 
> referencing to the .abs file without a .att file? I tried it anyhow, 
> message is the one above.
> Why does one need an OID for the own reference anyway? Isn't that quite 
> inflexible?
> Is there a way to search the mailing list archive?
> Is there a documentation of the error codes returned?
> Thanks once again for the fast reply.
> Regards,
> Frank Proessdorf
> P.S.: I will try using attributes in bib1.att with codes >= 2000, but 
> this is not really clean and nice, is it?
>> Hi,
>> On Thu, 19 Oct 2006 13:31:07 +0200 Frank Proessdorf
>> <fp at notjusthosting.com> wrote:
>>> I try to use zebra to search through a couple of XML files containing 
>>> for example recipes. So I tried to copy the zthes example and created
>>> a zebra.cfg, a test.att and a Test.abs file. There was no error
>>> filling the database with the records. The error first appears when
>>> asking the server via yaz client. The error message that I see from
>>> the server is: zebrasrv-2.0(1) [warn] test.att:2: Unknown reference
>>> oid 'Test'
>> That issue was discussed here not long ago:
>> http://lists.indexdata.dk/pipermail/zebralist/2006-October/001208.html
>> and the following answers will tell you some possibilities.
>> -hwh
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