[Zebralist] Mixing dublin core with other attributes

Walter McGinnis walter at katipo.co.nz
Tue Nov 28 03:48:08 CET 2006



I'm writing a Ruby on Rails application that uses ruby-zoom and Zebra  
for the backend of search capabilities.  I've written a first draft  
of a RoR plugin called acts_as_zoom that talks to Zebra via ZOOM.  It  
uses both ruby-zoom and the Perl ZOOM library for extended services  
(via a script call in my Ruby code). I have a couple Zebra databases  
up and running and successfully inserting, updating, and deleting  
records from acts_as_zoom, as well as having querying working.  All  
good there, although I'm very new to the Z39.50 world.


Currently I use a slightly modified version of meta.abs that I have  
renamed record.abs.  Records looks basically like this:

  <title>some title</title>
  <subject>some subject</subject>

All of the record elements, except for localControlNumber, are Dublin  
Core and handled by meta.abs/record.abs fine.  Now, I would really  
like records that look like this:

<record xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/">
   <title>Some Title</title>
   <subject>Some Subject</subject>
  <Body-of-text>our text content</Body-of-text>
  <!-- this nesting is necessary for indexing/searching arbitrary  
fields and added in our abs file, as is Body-of-Text-->

If I want the Dublin Core XML namespace (dc), I could rename  
record.abs to dc.abs and do something like so:

<dc xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/">
  <title>Some Title</title>
  <subject>Some Subject</subject>
  <Body-of-text>our html content</Body-of-text>

However, I would rather demarcate with XML via nested elements what  
is meta data (Dublin core dc stuff) and what is content (Body-of-text  
and Note).  Do people have tried and true strategies for using Dublin  
Core and Zebra?  How about elements that are in DC intermixed in?   
Would intermixing other elements invalidate my DC? Recommendations?

One of the reasons I picked Zebra/Z39.50 was so that other systems  
could query the Zebra server for my applications records using  
standards (Koha is the likely candidate).  So I would like to go with  
something that will still stay within standards and make mapping to  
things like MARC relatively painless.

I'm also not married to using bib1's Note field for arbitrary fields,  
so recommendations also accepted there, too.

Walter McGinnis

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