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Of the examples below, I would recommend the marc21.abs example setup 
over the usmarc.abs files.. the former was developed most recently, in 
collaboration with folks at the LoC, in an attempt to get as close as 
possible to basic Bath profile level 1 support within the constraints of 
the search engine... so some considerable energy went into matching 
fields and subfields to USE attributes. We actually went further, and 
validated the indexing rules against the RadioMARC test script that we 
developed together with Bill Moen's group at the University of North Texas.



marc wrote:

> Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
>> Can someone here give me a recipe for indexing MARC data?
>> I have a pile o' (US)MARC records. I want to feed them to zebra for 
>> indexing. I'll let zebra index the whole lot, not just specific 
>> fields/subfields. Can someone here give me a quickie introduction for 
>> making this happen?
>> --Eric Morgan
>> University Libraries of Notre Dame
> In addition to the suggestion from Joshua Ferraro, I'd like to point 
> out that example configurations for plain old usmarc records are found 
> in the example and test directories of the source tarballs.
> Have a look at for example the tested and build tarballs at
>  http://ftp.indexdata.dk/pub/snapshot/
> for example
>  idzebra-1.4.1.tar.gz
> (NB: our new release version 2.0.0 will soon be found there as 
> pre-release. Have some days patience ..)
> and have a look into the following configurations:
> GRS filter:
>  tab/usmarc.abs       # simple usmarc filter, use as starting point
>  tab/danmarc.abs      # danish variation, quite extensive, can be used
>                       # as inspiration (but do not copy frome these, as
>                       # Danes use the fields differently)
>  tab/marc21.abs       # another syntax again
> test/usmarc/          # test setup using the usmarc configuration files
>  examples/marc21      # example setup for marc21
> This might get you started on high speed ..
> Cheers, Marc Cromme, Index Data
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