[Zebralist] Backup zebra database

marc marc at indexdata.dk
Mon Jun 26 15:52:10 CEST 2006

Marco Antonio Castillo wrote:
> Hi
> I use Zebra 1.3.18 and Emilda 1.2.1. I need make a clone or copy of the
> emilda server or emilda database. And I need to drain the database to
> have a empty database to use with other intention.
> Into the emilda configuration I have this values:
> Zebra Database:                 Default
> System Path to Zebra Folder:    /srv/www/emilda/zebra/
> Records Folder:                 records/
> Zebra Configuration File:       zebra.cfg
> I could make a copy of /srv/www/emilda/zebra/ directory, what else I
> need copy, and how can I delete all records, books IDs, etc.

I think most people on the zebra list can't answer Emilda specific 
questions. You might want to try an Emilda list, if such one exist.

> #zebraidx init 
> Is correct to use?

zebraidx -c /path/to/your/zebra.cfg init

will definitely erase the zebra internal indexes.

Do I assume correctly from your excerpt that the Emilda records are 
files on the filesystem ?? Then (you better check with Emilda people) it 
should be sufficient to make a backup of


and thereafter clean this directory.

> How can I make a copy of the Zebra database and use two
> databases(Default and New) into the same Zebra server?

Why would you like to do that ??

Why not just start two different zebra servers on different ports ??

Marc Cromme

> Thanks


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