[Zebralist] SRU with elementSet?

Gert Schmeltz Pedersen gsp at dtv.dk
Thu Sep 30 10:32:04 CEST 2004

In order to find the answer to my question below I found this page with


from which I see the parameter recordSchema, so I tried this


expecting/hoping to get the records in Brief format, which is what I
want, similar to 

Z> elements B

in yaz-client, which does give me the Brief records. But recordSchema
does not work like that. I have guessed at other URL parameters like
element=B, elementSet=B, elementSetName=B and others, but have not found
one that works. Anybody knows the answer?

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> I can search Zebra from the browser in the SRU way:

but how can I specify an element set in order to get subrecords instead
of the full records?

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