[Zebralist] Searching files with diacritics.

Jose Blanco blancoj at umich.edu
Wed Jan 21 22:45:23 CET 2004

I have loaded some marc records into zebra that contain encoding marc8.

I have setup the config file to return the records in utf-8 format.

My question is how do I get zebra to search for diacritics.

For example,  If I submit a search for "ecole",  I want zebra to return all
records that contain ecole and all records that contain ecole with an accent
on the 1st e.

I thouth that what I had to do was go into the string.chr file and enter the
following line:

map âe          e

 âe  is the marc 8 representation of e with an accent.  But this is not



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