[Zebralist] More with my marc record problem.

Jose Blanco blancoj at umich.edu
Mon Jan 19 23:22:26 CET 2004

I hope the following information will make the problem more clear:

I have loaded some marc records into zebra, and in the abs file I indicated
that the encoding was marc8.

Here is the abs file:

===>  Start of abs file <====

# $Id: usmarc.abs,v 1.1 2002/10/22 12:51:09 adam Exp $
name aficanamarc
reference AFRICANAmarc
attset bib1.att

marc africanamarc.mar

encoding MARC8

esetname B @
esetname F @

# All 245 subfields mapped to title (word) and
# 245 subfield a mapped to tile (phrase).
elm 245   title  -
elm 245/?  title  !:w,!:p

elm 240   title  -
elm 240/?  title  !:w,!:p

elm 246   title  -
elm 246/?  title  !:w,!:p

elm 740   title  -
elm 740/?  title  !:w,!:p

elm 730   title  -
elm 730/?  title  !:w,!:p

# 100 mapped to Author-name-personal and Author.
elm 100   Author-name-personal -
elm 100/?  Author-name-personal !:w,!:p,Author:w,Author:p

# 110 mapped to Author-name-corporate and Author
elm 110   Author-name-corporate -
elm 110/?  Author-name-corporate !:w,!:p,Author:w,Author:p

# 111 mapped to Author-name-conference and Author
elm 111   Author-name-conference -
elm 111/?  Author-name-conference !:w,!:p,Author:w,Author:p

# Publisher
elm 260   Publisher  -
elm 260/?  Publisher  !w,!:p

elm 250   Publisher  -
elm 250/?  Publisher  !w,!:p

elm 263   Publisher  -
elm 263/?  Publisher  !w,!:p

elm 260/?/c  Date   !:w

elm 600   Subject-heading  -
elm 600/?  Subject-heading  !:w,!:p

elm 610   Subject-heading  -
elm 610/?  Subject-heading  !:w,!:p

elm 611   Subject-heading  -
elm 611/?  Subject-heading  !:w,!:p

elm 630   Subject-heading  -
elm 630/?  Subject-heading  !:w,!:p

elm 650   Subject-heading  -
elm 650/?  Subject-heading  !:w,!:p

elm 651   Subject-heading  -
elm 651/?  Subject-heading  !:w,!:p

elm 653   Subject-heading  -
elm 653/?  Subject-heading  !:w,!:p

elm 500   Note   -
elm 500/?  Note   !:w,!:p

elm 502   Note   -
elm 502/?  Note   !:w,!:p

elm 504   Note   -
elm 504/?  Note   !:w,!:p

elm 505   Note   -
elm 505/?  Note   !:w,!:p

elm 533   Note   -
elm 533/?  Note   !:w,!:p

elm 590   Note   -
elm 590/?  Note   !:w,!:p

elm 020   ISBN   -
elm 020/?  ISBN   -
elm 020/?/a  ISBN   !:w,!:p

elm 022   ISBN   -
elm 022/?  ISBN   -
elm 022/?/a  ISBN   !:w,!:p

elm 0081  Code-language   -
elm 0081/?  Code-language   !:w,!:p

elm 001   Doc-id   !:w,!:p

elm 300   Description  -
elm 300/?  Description  !:w,!:p

elm 310   Description  -
elm 310/?  Description  !:w,!:p

elm 320   Description  -
elm 320/?  Description  !:w,!:p

elm 362   Description  -
elm 362/?  Description  !:w,!:p

elm 440   Title-series  -
elm 440/?  Title-series  !:w,!:p

elm 490   Title-series  -
elm 490/?  Title-series  !:w,!:p

elm 830   Title-series  -
elm 830/?  Title-series  !:w,!:p

elm 800   Title-series  -
elm 800/?  Title-series  !:w,!:p

elm 410   Title-series  -
elm 410/?  Title-series  !:w,!:p

<=== End of abs file  ==>

Here is my mar file

===>  Start of mar file  <====
# $Id: africanamarc.mar,v 1.1 2002/10/22 12:51:09 adam Exp $
name africanamarc
reference AFRICANAmarc
<====== End Mar file  ===>

Now I have noticed two problems:

Problem 1 is that in one of the marc records there is field that contains a
funny kind of char (o with equal sing under it, in the marc file it looks
like õo), and in this field there are e's with accents, and it seems like
this funny char is screwing up the e's with the accents for this field.  The
other fields seem fine.  Here is the marc file:

940418q19701979dm            000 0 fre d

0 afrenic 
00aLire et âecrire le baatõonum :bmâethode pour
l'enseignement du baatõonum dans les âecoles de base : [ouvrage /crâealisâe
par le Service provincial d'alphabâetisation et de la presse rurale du
  aBenin :bRâepublique populaire du Bâenin, Ministáere de la
jeunesse, de la culture populaire et des sports, DAPR,c[197-?] 
  a62 p.
;c21 cm.
  aIntrod. and directions in French; text in Bariba. 
10aBenin.bService provincial d'alphabâetisation.

aNorthwestern University

This is the output from zebra for this marc record

</001><008>940418q19701979dm            000\c at 0 fre
d</008><035><><a>(NU)BAQ3310</a></></035><041><0 ><a>frenic </a></0
></041><245><00><a>Lire et écrire le baat̳onum :</a><b>méthode pour
l&apos;enseignement du baat̳onum dans les écoles de base : [ouvrage
/</b><c>réalisé par le Service provincial d&apos;alphabétisation et de la
presse rurale du Borgou].</c></00></245><260><  ><a>Benin :</a><b>République
populaire du Bénin, Ministère de la jeunesse, de la culture populaire et des
sports, DAPR,</b><c>[197-?] </c></  ></260><300><  ><a>62 p. ;</a><c>21
cm.</c></  ></300><500><  ><a>Introd. and directions in French; text in
Bariba. </a></  ></500><650>< 0><a>Bariba language.</a></
0></650><710><10><a>Benin.</a><b>Service provincial
d&apos;alphabétisation.</b></10></710><850><  ><a>Northwestern
University</a></  ></850><851><><a> </a></></851><852><><a> </a></></852>
<idzebra xmlns=\"http://www.indexdata.dk/zebra/\">    <size>784</size>

Problem 2 has to do with a record that contains Arabic chars.  I don't know
why they are not showning up correctly.

Here is the marc record with the arabic chars:
930428s1991    sp a
b    000 0 spa d
1 aspaarahara
2 aIbn Abåi
al-Rabåi°, Muòhammad ibn °Abd al-Raòhåim,d1080 or 81- 1169 or
10aMu°rib °an ba°òd °ajåa®ib al-Maghrib.lArabic &
13aAl-Mu°rib °an ba°òd °aãyåa®ib al-Magrib :belogio de algunas
maravillas del Magrib /cAbåu òHåamid al-Garnåaòtåi ; introducciâon,
ediciâon y traducciâon por Ingrid Bejarano.
  aMadrid :bConsejo Superior
de Investigaciones Cientâificas, Instituto de Cooperaciâon con el Mundo
  a306, 178 p. :bill. ;c24 cm.
arâabico-hispanas ;v9
  aSpanish and Arabic.
  aTitle on added t.p.:
al-Mu°rib °an ba°òd °ajåa®ib al-Maghrib.
  aIncludes bibliographical
references (p. 287-296).
20aIbn Abåi al-Rabåi°, Muòhammad ibn °Abd
al-Raòhåim,d1080 or 81- 1169 or 70xJourneyszAfrica, North.
NorthxDescription and travelxEarly works to 1800.
01aElogio de algunas maravillas del Magrib.
01aMu°rib °an ba°òd
°ajåa®ib al-Maghrib. 
  aNorthwestern University


>From what I understand from marc8 encoding you have some sort of diacritic
indicator code and then the code for the char containing the diacritic, and
this seems to me what is in this marc record.

And this is the output from zebra for this marc record.
</001><008>930428s1991    sp a     b    000 0 spa d</008><020><
><a>840007193X</a></  ></020><035><><a>(NU)BAP8881</a></></035><041><1
><a>spaara</a><h>ara</h></1 ></041><100><2 ><a>Ibn Ab-Dï al-Rabï?, Mu?ammad
ibn ?Abd al-Ra?ïm,</a><d>1080 or 81- 1169 or 70.</d></2
></100><240><10><a>Mu?rib ?an ba?? ?ajà?ib al-Maghrib.</a><l>Arabic &amp;
Spanish.</l></10></240><245><13><a>Al-Mu?rib ?an ba?? ?a$(D+tà(B?ib
al-Magrib :</a><b>elogio de algunas maravillas del Magrib /</b><c>Abþ ?àmid
al-Garnà?ï ; introducci-Aón, edición y traducción por Ingrid
Bejarano.</c></13></245><260><  ><a>Madrid :</a><b>Consejo Superior de
Investigaciones Cient?cas, Instituto de Cooperaci?on el Mundo
rabe,</b><c>1991.</c></  ></260><300><  ><a>306, 178 p. :</a><b>ill.
;</b><c>24 cm.</c></  ></300><440>< 0><a>Fuentes ar?co-hispanas
;</a><v>9</v></ 0></440><500><  ><a>Spanish and Arabic.</a></  ></500><500><
><a>Title on added t.p.: al-Mu?rib ?an ba?? ?aj-Dà?ib al-Maghrib.</a></
></500><504><  ><a>Includes bibliographical references (p. 287-296).</a></
></504><600><20><a>Ibn Abï al-Rabï?, Mu?ammad ibn ?Abd al-Ra?ïm,</a><d>1080
or 81- 1169 or 70</d><x>Journeys</x><z>Africa, North.</z></20></600><651><
0><a>Africa, North</a><x>Description and travel</x><x>Early works to
1800.</x></ 0></651><700><10><a>Bejarano,
Ingrid.</a></10></700><740><01><a>Elogio de algunas maravillas del
Magrib.</a></01></740><740><01><a>Mu?rib ?an ba?? ?ajà?ib al-Maghrib.
</a></01></740><850><  ><a>Northwestern University</a></  ></850><851><><a>
</a></></851><852><><a> </a></></852>  <idzebra
xmlns="http://www.indexdata.dk/zebra/">    <size>1358</size>

My gues is that zebra is not understanding marc8 completely.  It can do the
simple chars, like e with accents, but it cannot do other chars with
diacritics.  Or, there is something I have not setup because I don't
completely understand zebra.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


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