[Zebralist] Zebra 1.3.15 available.

Christoffer Landtman landtman at realnode.fi
Thu Jan 15 17:14:29 CET 2004

Adam Dickmeiss wrote:
> Hi,
> Zebra 1.3.15 fixes a bug with MARC records that didn't have proper 
> header (bad address wrong). It also fixes a bug with X-Path searches 
> with attribute content with spaces in them.
> -- Adam
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I was wondering if You know in which version of Zebra the anomalies in 
the header on MARC records were introduced, so that we can inform Emilda 
users which versions of Zebra not to use, as the anomalies break MARC 
record management. I know that at least 1.3.10 is still working, but if 
You could supply any estimates, it would be most useful.


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